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Česká a Slovenská republika

Česká a Slovenská republika

Endoscopy in ventricular system and skull base, 6-8 November 2019, Ostrava

Dear Colleagues,

Neuroendoscopy is a commonly used technique for many pathologies nowadays. It helps us to improve visualization of the operation field, allows completely new approaches and brings new challenges. Neuroendoscopy is still developing technique. Some of the neuroendoscopic procedures are generally accepted, some of them are waiting to be proved.

Neuroendoscopy deserves a specific learning process. Operation under endoscopic control is different comparing to the microscope and it is not an intuitive process. It requires different thinking, different preoperative planning, time and experience. This course is focused on ventricular and transnasal endoscopy, which are the most common endoscopic procedures in neurosurgery. We will discuss the principles of endoscopic procedures as well as indications, our technique, and our complications. Although I am personally very enthusiastic for using neuroendoscopy, during the course we will carefully evaluate indications for every endoscopic procedure as well as our technique, our complications, postoperative care, and multidisciplinary cooperation.
You will practice both ventricular and transnasal procedures in the Anatomical Institute using the modern Bbraun instruments under supervision and help of the faculty members.

After the hands-on, part you will have the opportunity to observe live surgery in the University Hospital Ostrava.

If you want to register for the course please contact Iva Dobrovolna, +420 271 091 663

Date 06. - 08.11.2019
09:00 - 18:00

Location CZ, Ostrava, Anantomický ustav, LF UO

Available seats 10

Target Group Medical Doctor / Clinical Specialist

Language English

Application Safety

We appreciate your interest for this course.
Please note that you cannot register online for this event. We kindly ask you to contact your employer who will able to inform you about the registration process after consulting the local B. Braun contact person.


Iva Dobrovolná
B. Braun Medical s.r.o. / Aesculap Akademie
V Parku 2335/20
148 00 Praha 4
Česká republika
Tel. +420 - 271 091 666

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Iva Dobrovolná
B. Braun Medical s.r.o. / Aesculap Akademie
V Parku 2335/20
148 00 Praha 4
Česká republika
Tel. +420 - 271 091 666

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